2017 Film + Music Conference

Short of the all the coffee I bought in 2017, one of the best spends last year was attending the Film + Music Conference in Ft. Worth, TX.

Pretty much like all things from the Musicbed/Filmsupply mothership, the Film+Music team killed it. They brought in some freakin' fantastic speakers: some I'd heard from before, others I'd followed online for years, and still more that were new to me. The music and live performances brought another dimension to the event. A serious kudos is due to whoever was behind the lighting design on stage. Most of all, the people attending seemed to be the "Who's Who" – and the rest of us plebeians – in the creative film/music world. 

My biggest take-aways were ideas like "The world needs you to stop being boring" and "The internet is a treadmill that doesn't love you" from Brad Montague of Soul Pancake/Kid President. Ryan Booth – of Ryan Booth fame – encouraged us to "Go home, make things that are interesting to you, and put them on the internet." Natalie Kingston's lighting workshop was pretty rad and wish it would've lasted longer. 

If you're able, I'd for sure recommend heading out to their next one scheduled for September 28-29, 2018.


Christmas in Connecticut

We'd been wanting to get out of town for the holidays and Anne the Wife's mom found us all a place in Lyme, CT. With two small kids Anne and I (plus the mother-in-law with this trip) are seemingly always playing defense so the house doesn't burn down, but I was able to sneak out with my camera right after the snow fall Christmas morning. 

Teleprompter Hack

Nerding out about finally using the iPad/iPhone/FaceTime/Teleprompter hack I'd seen before.

We wanted the person being interviewed looking directly to camera and not trip out because they're not making eye contact with the other person. It's working better than I expected honestly.

ProTip: make sure you mute the iPads/iPhones being used so you don't get a feedback loop.


deadCenter 2017

deadCenter is easily my favorite week of the summer in Oklahoma City. Over the years – give or take a couple – I've been able to work with the film festival in covering events and screenings with on-camera talent Katie Parker. Here's this year's recap video.


Oh, and another thing I got to be part of screened this year in Okie Shorts. Check out fakefilmschool.com for more info.