Two Weeks In

So two weeks in to living in New York City at this point. I'm nearly done unpacking and good lord I hope we're close to done spending the crazy money necessary in a cross-country move like this.

I've gone from an un-Godly amount of effort and work the last year and a half to get to this point and now that I'm here, it's a bit disorienting. Thank goodness I've already got a few friends and contacts up here answering my emails and direct messages and also introducing me people they know. Thankfully I had a conversation with a director I met the other day and he asked "What are your goals? What do you want to do?" A day or two after that conversation I honestly reached back out and apologized for the mangled stream of consciousness I laid out. After all that I've been through the last few months – emotionally, physically, and financially – I'd pretty much put that first impression performance up there with a dog bringing home the rancid parts of a dead bird it found in the street. Woof...

This is such an unusual time in my life. I'm an adult without a regular job living in a new city in a different part the country without the most important people in my life. The family and I have regular connections via phone calls, video chats, and text messages, but it's very weird knowing I'm physically removed from some of my responsibilities as a parent and husband. Obviously I married up considering how much a rockstar she is and has been throughout our relationship – especially the last few months. Anne the Wife will be working the next couple months and I've got quite a few invoices out, but I can imagine we'll soon be living off savings – at least in part.

This is normally the start of my slow season professionally. That's part of why we decided I should move up a couple months before Anne and the boys do. Thankfully I've got some work the next few weeks with existing clients. I'm supposed to be on a shoot in Philadelphia next week followed by a potential job in Kansas City; I've also got some editing work needing to be done.

Creatively, I'm ready to burst. Short of a few personal projects this past summer I've not had the margin or the outlet due to family responsibilities and prepping for the move. Now that I'm here and the tornadoes of the past season are spinning down I want to be part of a creative project so bad I can't stand it. I heard someone say something yesterday about wanting something so bad that their body hurt. I may not be to that point just yet, but I'd be completely lying if I said I wasn't nearly vibrating after seeing a full block of production trucks and trailers in my neighborhood last week. It took just about all of me to not walk up to the nearest person wearing a walkie and ask if I could just stand there with them. No question I'd have gotten the Production Assistant coffee if they wanted.

I've been intentional about going out with a stills camera in addition to always have my iPhone camera at the ready. It's fascinating seeing the subtle differences in how the existing light works here, especially with the sun going down around 4:30p. For one, that's mind-bending to me considering Oklahoma's daylight hours. Two, the afternoon light makes for a gorgeous backlight during the steady flow of people making their way home. Oh, and the street lamps everywhere are making for super interesting light and shadows. Good grief, I can't wait to get on a project soon.