...a day late. Thx New York.

My bad. Monday's post didn't happen. But hey! It's Tuesday Wedensday morning and I'm doing the thing... My apologies to the five RSS subscribers – who I'm assuming are mostly bots at an Amazon server farm outside Boardman, Oregon.

I'd been in NYC since last Monday working to make new connections and continue building existing ones. Thank goodness for creative friends who've opened their homes, studios, and schedules to take me in.


First and foremost, David and Cassie Bizzaro are freakin' saints. They've let me crash on their couch while I've been in town. David and I – along with puppeteer Jake Bazel – shot some new content for one of his YouTube channels that'll should be releasing soon. If you've not done so already, do yourself a favor and check out The Bayr Show. I got to the point where I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard throughout the Clap with Rhythm stuff.


There's also this gem. Olivia Abiassi is an actress who played the lead in my 2015 short "Nora" while she was at the University of Oklahoma. She's now living in NYC doing the working actress thing. She and I ran around the Lower East Side of Manhattan with her dancing like a crazy fool in public in front of my camera. I'm working on the edit now and hope to release it soon.


Outside the people I met, I also spent a good deal of time roaming the city. July 4th had my watch recoreded me walking just over 21 miles. Some of that was thanks to me roaming The Metropolitan Museum of Art for more than three hours and still not seeing everything. There was also the "Hey, I'm going to join the masses in watching the NYC fireworks in person." I figured that'd be awesome (meh, it wasn't) and I got some blurry photos of fireworks like everyone else in America that night. My blurry photos were intentinoal though. "Slow-shutter speeds, you're the best." he said in trying to justify carrying around a full-frame DSLR all day.