Paid Work and Demo Prep

I've spent the last week keeping my head down working through a handful of shoots and editing my guts out on another couple projects. On top of that I'm also working to get a new demo reel out before the end of September. Happy Labor Day ya'll...

Working on a demo reel ranks right up there with cleaning up curdled dog puke from between your car seat and console in the dead of summer. It's bad. I don't like doing it, but it needs to happen or things will get worse. I'd honestly rather get angry jalapeño juice in my eye.

"No, I'm not being dramatic; You're being dramatic."

As usual, the vast majority of the past year's shoots won't end up as part of the bite-seized representation of the year. You kill a good deal of your darlings in culling through the good stuff in order to highlight the better stuff. But then you do that again, and again – and then again – till you're too numb to know otherwise.