Last Week

Well, it's been a week. Not super interesting or horrific, but there was a ton going on and I'm glad it's behind us. Rather than trying to write something meaningful, I figured I'd share how the week went.

Seeing as how these things normally get written in a last minute rush on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, just know that I'm a bit later than normal because I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning up a flooded bathroom in our apartment. While the fam and I were at church Sunday the tub and toilet decided it'd be best to go on strike and fill our bathroom with brown water.

Monday, January 21, was dumb cold. Seriously some of the coldest weather I've experienced. My phone said it was something like 6-7° F outside with the windchill rockin' a -11°. I've never been in a position to see dog pee freeze on the sidewalk – thanks New York. Oh, and it was MLK day and I'm super bummed I didn't make it out to Harlem for the day's events.

Tuesday was – I'm assuming – good enough for jazz?

Thankfully I landed a meeting with a production company I admire here in the city. No clue how well it went short of saying no one died and I didn't poop on the floor. I felt like I'd botched the meeting and kinda whined about it via social media just long enough to realize I was being dumb and sucked it up. Probably the best part of my afternoon rant was forgetting that the person I'd met with also follows me online. They direct messaged me laughing about the rant; I died a little out of pure embarrassment.

There were also some birds not far from their office that were getting seriously annoyed that I kept disrupting their feeding frenzy.

Oh, and the second Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson video I got to help shoot with Vevo a few weeks ago was released.

Wednesday had me finally going through some color work that a new buddy of mine had done in Dallas, TX. Somehow I got connected to a couple magicians at Lucky Post and colorist Neil Anderson reached out asking if I'd be up to have him color some of my 2018 Demo Reel. ABSOLUTELY hope I get to work with that guy again soon.

Thursday had Anne the Wife and I renting a car and driving out with our younger kid to Long Island. Tax season is closing in and I've been working to get my tax ducks in order. Another connection I've made in the last few weeks, Craig DiBiase with MinusL, introduced me to his CPA. Turns out I'm switching from my Oklahoma "Tanner Herriott Productions LLC" to a New York "Tanner Herriott Inc." Oh, and I'm having to start putting back quite a bit more money to pay taxes at the end of each year.

Friday, well Friday was busy. I had a video chat meeting with a producer I got to meet at a networking event a few weeks ago. Elizabeth Potter and I are working together on a short project from the recent Women's March here in New York. Thankfully this project had me out and about with my RED Weapon for the first time in a bit and I'm diggin' some of the footage we'll have for the edit. Side note: please ignore the fact that I tend to frame everything to the right.

Friday afternoon had me spending some much needed time with David Bizzaro; good grief that guy is a saint. Thank goodness we've got some more projects in the works.

Outside all the daily nonsense I've also been plowing through Ray Dailo's Principles. It's a bit dense at times and way thicker than anything I'd normally read, but I'm honestly diggin' his insights and experience in the financial and macroeconomic worlds. This guy's experience is crazy different from mine, but I'm constantly trying to take other thinker's situations and try to apply them to mine.

"...everything that was going on had happened before, and that logical cause-effect relationships made those developments inevitable. My failure to anticipate this, I realized, was due to my being surprised by something that hadn’t happened in my lifetime, though it had happened many times before."

"I learned a great fear of being wrong that shifted my mind-set from thinking “I’m right” to asking myself “How do I know I’m right?” And I saw clearly that the best way to answer this question is by finding other independent thinkers who are on the same mission as me and who see things differently from me."

"An ability to figure things out is more important than having specific knowledge of how to do something."