Not quite al dente

Good grief I'm ready to start shooting again. I've worn out my excuses and my camera gear is still sitting in the closet in well protected cases. I'm off again this week with Running Robot shooting more interviews for one of their clients; this week has us in Dallas, TX. I'm pretty sure my RED thinks I've forgotten about it – I haven't and neither has my bank or insurance company.

I've connected with quite a few people here in New York and started the process of shooting something soon. None of those noodles have stuck to the wall just yet, but I'm hoping something will be done cooking soon so we can move on with the process.

Even this freakin' blog post is a bit undercooked: there's no plan or outline, I'm not out to say something specific, and I'm pretty much just ticking this week's box of "Did you write something?"

I'd read something a couple weeks ago via the Musicbed blog that felt just about right:

If we are going to create the same quality of work as those we admire most, I believe we must give ourselves time to develop. In our day and age, there seems to be a need to be constantly producing and posting new work. I find this pressure to stay relevant can be depleting, and ultimately can hinder the integrity and caliber of the work. - Amy Gardner

Talk about cooked noodles.

I feel like it's very real that you need to be practicing your thing. More than anything I've been writing a good deal more this last bit. No one is hiring me to be a writer, but it's still a knife in my creative kitchen. As per usual I've procrastinated until Sunday afternoon to write for Monday's 10am-ish deadline and I'm kinda glad I did considering a quote from Catholic Priest John Chapman embedded in this morning's church service:

"Pray as you can, not as you cannot!"

I'd like to be shooting more, but right now I can write. With everything going on in my current circumstances I can sit down with a laptop or notebook and pen and crank something out. Earlier this week I had some time to collect a few visual references and start down the road to making something. Right now a good part of that "making something" process is writing and I'm sure the cameras will be fired up soon enough.