Proof I'm actually working

Thanks to my fancy-pants spreadsheets, as April 22, 74% of my 2019 revenue has me behind the camera and shooting. The other 26% is stock footage (21%) and editing (5%), but we can talk about that later.

The vast majority of my work as a DP and camera operator has me handing off footage that I'll never see again. From time to time I'll dig around the interwebs looking for footage I've shot and this week I found two episodes of the Take It There sports show I've been shooting with the team. Bonus points for each of the two episodes including me in a shot or two wielding one of their Panasonic EVAs and looking absolutely ravishing in my striped Nike tech shirts. I plan to continue this behind the scenes game of Where's Waldo until I'm told to stop or end up buying some more work clothes without stripes.

Dear reader, do you actually stick around long enough to read the credits – even some of them – at the end of movies and shows? More often than not I'll hold out long enough to make it through the camera, grip/electric, and sound – but not a second more; I'm not a monster. I still trip out seeing my name in the credits of projects I get to work on and hope that feeling never wears off.