Six Months In

This week marks six months since I’ve been in Brooklyn. I’ve met and worked with creative heroes who’s work I’ve followed for years. I’ve shot on projects for major brands that everyone would know. I’m getting close to where we need to be financially to continue living here as a family of four on one income.

It’s still hard AF to live here, especially with small kids, but I’m glad we made the move. The opportunities here are very real but you’re by all means paying for them financially, emotionally, and physically.

With all the changes these last six months there's still things that don’t change. Moving to New York didn't add more hours to the day and I feel like the time I do have is even more sparse. It's incredible how quickly these past six months have gone. I’ve been working a ton the last few months and I still constantly fight the urge to just spend incoming revenue on new gear instead of aggressively paying off business debt and building an even deeper financial cushion. Trying to be a good husband and parent for sure isn't any easier.