Horrible Short-Term Memory

It's that magical time of year when work seems to slow down and you're absolutely sure you're finished. That no more work – meaningful or not – will ever come your way. Feast or famine. Thank goodness I’m that guy who keeps records, journals, and other nonsense to help remember what's happened before.

It's been helpful looking back at financial records for an objective view of money coming through the door. Over the years my work typically slows down during the summertime, tends to see a big swing into the fall, and then drunk toddlers into the winter.

There's also the thing about having kept a weekly blog for a decent amount of time. There were a handful of projects I'd posted around this time last year that I was proud of and it's helpful for me to go back and reflect on those times, look at what I'd been doing, and remember why I was happy with what I'd been putting out. There's still something to be said about being intentional and not "waiting for inspiration."

Obviously circumstances have changed over the last year or so, but it's helpful to remember slow seasons don't last. Surely there's wisdom in spending less time comparing my work to others and actually being intentional about putting the work in myself. Not exactly sure what that looks like, but I still like the idea that "it's easier to steer a boat that's moving."