This Week and Staying Organized

This past week was spent trying to catch up after being out of town the week before.

Monday was mostly spent traveling home from Los Angeles.
Tuesday had our older boy "Graduating" from Kindergarten and me in a meeting with an agency guy I'd just met.
Wednesday had me taking all the public transits (subway, train, bus) out to Long Island to shoot second camera on a lacrosse tutorial with a professional athlete.
Thursday was pretty much an exhausted blur and I apologize again to Saint Anne the Wife for falling asleep on the couch around 8pm.
Friday was pretty great seeing as how I recently got connected with a local Lululemon store. I was in a couple weeks ago to buy some work clothes and ended up having a conversation with one of the staffers about what I did for a living plus how I used their clothes. They ended up thinking all that nonsense was interesting enough to invite me back in for an additional shirt, pair of pants, and socks at no cost and no strings attached short of just staying in touch and letting them know how I'm continuing to use their clothing for work. Freakin' rad way to build customer loyalty.

In addition to all this nonsense I learned some new spreadsheet formulas to help automate some business related issues – super interesting obviously...

In keeping track of my time editing, I'd always tracked my hours in a simple spreadsheet. I'd plug in my start and end times, but never had the spreadsheet do the math for me. Some of my recent shooting jobs have had us going over the agreed on 10 hour days and I found myself digging through callsheets and any kind of digital record (text messages, Instagram DMs, etc.) to try and remember start and stop times. Turns out I've been missing out on some unpaid overtime.

With that in mind I ended up built out a somewhat souped up timecard spreadsheet. After plugging in my call and wrap times, the spreadsheet would automatically do the math and calculate overtime based on the day duration. I'm still working on cleaning it up and adding the options that'll automatically account for day rates as well as travel days, but that shouldn't too difficult.

  • The HOURS column calculates the total hours worked that day.

    • =END '06/22/19'−START '06/22/19'
  • The next column calculates if the day was less than or equal to the amount of agreed on hours – in this case, a 10 hour day. If it's over, the text "OT" shows up in the following column; if not, it's a blank cell.

    • =IF(STRIPDURATION(HOURS '06/22/19')≤F$2÷24,"","OT")
  • The OT column calculates if there is overtime and how much; if none, it's a blank cell.

    • =IF('Hours:' '06/22/19'="OT",(HOURS '06/22/19'−F$2),"")
  • Finally the TOTAL OVER TIME is calculated by adding up the values in the OT column.

    • =SUM(F6:F9)

Another means of keeping my nonsense organized has me screenshoting images and/or taking photos then taking those images into the GoodNotes app on my iPad so I can make any handwritten notes as needed. Here's a couple rough notes from walking around and a quick visit to the Brooklyn Museum this past week.