Central Standard (NYC Unit)

Oh hey, look at that... It's Thursday (afternoon). Surely a far cry from Monday's 10am deadline, but you're not the boss of me. It's been a hot mess here in the city the last few days and I've had things going on. With that out the way, on to this week's thing...

So this one kinda starts in Southeast Asia way back in 2013 and getting to work and travel with DP Lance Kuhns on a project and somewhat staying in touch since then. Fast forward to September 2017 and getting to meet his girlfriend Kaitlin Scott while we were all at the Film+Music Conference in Fort Worth, TX. We'd thrown around emails since then did a couple coffees after I'd moved to New York. You should probably go check out their websites before we move on... I'll wait.

Ok? Cool.

So Kaitlin was off directing her first feature out in Texas with Lance DP'ing all the beautiful nonsense. They along with some other crew members had posted some BTS of their Central Standard shoot to Instagram and I'd reached out checking to see how things went. Kaitlin got back to me and mentioned they'd be doing a few more days with a NYC unit later in the summer if I was up to come hang out.

Yes, I was up to come hang out.

Turns out that was this past weekend and I got a chance to be a gaffer on the shoot. Lance ended up having to take on another project and they brought in another DP named Agustina Biasutto. It was a small crew and we had a good deal of script to cover in those two days so most of us played more than one role on set.

By all means I've gaffed over the years lighting most of my own nonsense and a few other projects, but not being directly behind the camera on a narrative project like this was new. Part of moving out to New York was to get a chance to connect, work, and learn from new people.

Absolutely grateful for this group of people and them giving me a chance to play a small role in the project. Not sure when it'll come out, but in the mean time you could check out the Central Standard Instagram account as well as the IMDB page.

Oh, and I mentioned it being a hot and muggy mess here the city – hot enough for paper tape to not stay stuck together and for me to nearly pass out more than once on set. Turns out too I'm becoming more and more a fan of the Astera LED tube lights. Once I got a hang of the app these lights by all means these Astera AX1 Pixeltubes were a workhorse on set.