Springtime in New York

Anne the Wife and I made it up north for a Spring Break in New York. Days one and two played nice weather-wise, but day three being the first day of Spring ironically brought a solid day of snow.


We've done some of the touristy stuff before, but most of this trip had us intentionally wandering around a few different neighborhoods and dramatically adding to our daily step counts. We met up with a few friends living in the city and made some new ones as well. Anne's mom and my parents watched the kiddos while we were gone.


Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

There's a large sign right outside the entrance to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve outside Pawhuska, OK saying "BISON ARE DANGEROUS KEEP YOUR DISTANCE." But seriously, have you ever been close to a bison? I wasn't close enough to hug one, but they seem like good huggers... Probably not. I don't always have the best judgement...

Oh and the dust stirred up from cars driving along the gravel roads looked pretty rad.

NNE Oklahoma?

Oklahoma. I know it's somewhere in Oklahoma. Probably not crazy far from the outskirts of Pawhuska, OK. It's far enough out there where you can stand in the middle of the road and shoot for much longer than you probably should.

BTW, the barn below shouldn't still be standing. It's probably older than the state, but it'll probably still be there after I'm gone. No rush...

Christmas in Connecticut

We'd been wanting to get out of town for the holidays and Anne the Wife's mom found us all a place in Lyme, CT. With two small kids Anne and I (plus the mother-in-law with this trip) are seemingly always playing defense so the house doesn't burn down, but I was able to sneak out with my camera right after the snow fall Christmas morning.