Fighting Off the Downward Spiral

Last week was a slow one and I'm blaming the upcoming July 4th holiday. Down time usually means questioning every life choice I've ever made and making sure my wife doesn't hear me crying myself to sleep. So in fighting the downward spiral this past week I worked on filling the creative bucket that never seems to get enough attention.

There's honestly no shortage of inspiration here. You've got your pick of world class museums, fantastic people watching, and those random ideas that get to bounce into each other and spark something else. Oh, plus Netflix released Paul Thomas Anderson's short film ”Anima" as a partner piece to the new Thom Yorke album.

The Brooklyn Museum is walking distance from our place in Park Slope; The Met is a bit of a hike, but I made it out there too this past week. It's not like I head out to a museum looking for something specific. I'm literally out there looking for something that'll get my attention and keep it. If whatever I find – imagery, idea, feeling – leads me to something else I consider that a productive day. If that visual idea or feeling sticks around and leads to a project, even better.

Another part of literally "trying to do the thing" is intentionally roaming around with a camera. I had an early afternoon meeting near Wall Street Thursday and spent the rest of the working day shooting shadows for the most part. Not a big fan of that mid- to early afternoon light on people's faces (plus I'm still nervous AF about getting up in people's business to shoot a more traditional portrait).