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One of the New York connections I've made the last couple years is with a DP named Dave Adams. He's a stud, also Filmsupply contributor, and has thrown me more than a couple jobs these last few months. One of those jobs was as a 3rd Unit DP on a project for Facebook. Crazy excited to see a couple of these edits starting to come out.

DIRECTOR: Peter Jordan
CLIENT: Facebook
DP: Jeremy Snell
2nd Unit DP: Dave Adams
3rd Unit DP: Tanner Herriott

Freakin' ton of moving parts on this one and I was no question the littlest fish in the pond. By far the heavy lifting was already done by DP Jeremy Snell and the fantastic Chicago based crew. I literally flew in the night before, shot a full day on a beast of an Alexa Mini package with Panavision lenses, and flew back to NYC the next morning. Bonus points too for working with a local AC named John Waterman who I actually worked with waaay back during our OPUBCO/NewsOK days in Oklahoma City.

The first unit was in Chicago and helmed by Director Peter Jordan and DP Jeremy Snell. Dave Adams was shooting simultaneously with a second unit in Atlanta, while I was going at it with the third crew in another part of Chicago. Only a couple of my shots made the edit but good grief I'm stoked I was even invited to the party.